Hoot n' Anny

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Hoot 'n Anny


Book Hoot n' Anny: anita@bluedivision.co.za or 076 486 5050


HOOT ‘N ANNY: Country Folk Project Have you ever seen a newly wed couple singing traditional & original songs about love & life to the point where you can feel the chemistry? Well Hoot ‘n Anny is just that… The band consists of two members Franco & Alouise Jamneck. Franco Jamneck has had a few successful bands he played for. Bands such as Soil 7t7 & The Fake Leather Blues Band, he also does a lot of session work in all genres. Alouise Jamneck only recently discovered her musical talents. With her unique voice she mesmerized her husband & the likes of Karen Zoid & Arno Carstens with whom Hoot ‘n Anny had little cameo performances with. Franco has been in the industry for more than 12 years & he is very well known for his sound engineering capabilities. Alouise studied Graphic Design at the Open Window and went into business for a few years. Lately she’s been Franco’s right hand girl in his business of events coordinating and sound engineering. Hoot ‘n Anny is a new act that is bound to relax and excite you at the same time, showing you the lighter side of life. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON AT ONE OF THEIR PERFORMANCES… 


Hoot n' Anny


Book Hoot n' Anny‚Äč: anita@bluedivision.co.za or 076 486 5050